There are approximately 7.8 billion people in the world, out of which over 1.5 Billion people speak English as their native language. With over more than 6 Billion people that use English as a secondary language, it gets challenging for them to understand new words and learn how to pronounce them. Not everyone has access to English language courses, while some cannot afford them; this leaves them with the only option to learn from a friend or free sources online.

To facilitate this, Howjsay serves as a free online audio dictionary of English pronunciation, definition, and translation.


Howjsay is a website that has been a home to learning English. It has been up and running since 2007, that’s almost 15 years, helping people learn spoken English for more than a decade.

Featuring both British and American English, with over 180,000 entries in the dictionary, it is favoured by many that are trying to learn English in the year 2020 and the past decade.

The most interesting part of Howjsay is that all of the 180,000+ entries are recorded by the sole owner of this website.

Howjsay relies on the revenue from ads only, however, with the growing operational costs, the decrease in ad revenue, the owners diminishing health and increasing age - it has become challenging to continue adding more words.

So, let’s help Howjsay’s legacy by raising donations which will go towards:

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